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Blogger Talk is a fast growing blog directory listing over ( 10 blogs ) ( 110 RSS feeds ) and ( 0 featured blog clients ). It launched in mid February 2016 and we have been growing in leaps and bounds. We are currently receiving over 29,000 unique visitors a day serving over 400,000 page views a month. Our current Alexa ranking is 97,552, and our Google Pagerank is 4/10 at the time of this writing. We continue to grow as more and more bloggers list their blogs and find the site through some of the search engines. Our #1 referrers are Google, Yahoo and Windows Live / Bing.
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If you are interested in a Resource Ad on Blogger Talk you can do so by filling in the form below. You're resource ad shows on the entire website and it is a site wide link. If you are looking for a homepage only link please click the follow featured resource form.

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