Blogging has become a habit for many and a thriving business for some. If you have a blogger friend, he or she will surely appreciate any of these gifts.

1. Techie gadgets
A blogger’s life and success rely heavily on his or her gadgets. Using the right equipment, the right computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone will surely make a blogger’s life hard or easy. If you can afford it, gift your blogger with a new gadget that he/she may use as he/she levels up his/her game in blogging.

2. Microphone
If your blogger makes podcasts or YouTube videos, sometimes a headset mic does not deliver the quality that he/she needs. That is why a good microphone is a necessary gadget to give excellent sound quality. There are a lot of different kinds for every need. For beginners, a dynamic USB microphone should work well enough.

3. Business cards
Blogging has become a profession and a business card makes it more official and professional. So design or reproduce your blogger’s business cards, which he/she can give away when attending conferences or business meetings or when networking.

4. Powerbank
If your blogger works outside, then it is a good idea to have a backup power supply in case his/her gadgets run out of juice. The higher the mAh, the more gadgets and more charging capacity you have in case of emergencies. A 10,000 mAh should be good enough for 1 device.

5. Web hosting fee
Your blogger needs to get his/her blogs published and will need reliable web hosting services. Gift your blogger with web hosting subscription (usually paid on a monthly or annual basis) to increase his/her visibility on the internet.

6. Adobe software
As a blogger, photo and video editing skills are a must. And a blogger cannot do anything without photo and video editing software. Such software is necessary to create photos and videos that you can upload on your site or channel. Putting up well-edited pictures and videos will attract more followers and subscribers.

7. Blogging courses
Because continuous learning is essential, bloggers needs to know more about SEO, marketing, and how to earn more from blogging – you can check out for more information on SEO marketing. There are many free and paid online courses for newbies, amateurs, and anyone who wants to take blogging to another level.

8. Blogging books
Just like blogging courses, bloggers need to continuously learn, especially from experienced bloggers. Be it an ebook or a physical book, bloggers would benefit from the advice and experience of professionals.

9. Blogging conference tickets
Though a blogger works independently, he/she should not work in a bubble. Attending conferences may be pricey but is a good investment, especially for networking and hearing from the leaders and experts in blogging.

10. Office / computer chair
A blogger spends long hours on his PC. In order to work properly, it is equally important to sit comfortably while working. Gift your blogger with an ergonomic chair that offers great lumbar support, adjustable backrest, armrest, and height, and excellent cushion support.