One niche in fashion blogging is blogging about boho style. People dig the easy, comfortable boho fashion, plus the fact that it can be unique and quite personal that everybody can add their own spin to it. There are highly influential boho fashion bloggers out there who encourage and inspire people to turn on that inner boho vibe and to express it freely. Here are the most popular boho bloggers in town.

The Salty Blonde

The Salty Blonde is Halley Elefante, a Manhattan native who found herself in Hawaii. She has almost 490K followers on Instagram. She is slowly building her followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She started blogging when she moved to Hawaii with her then-boyfriend, now husband. She made use of her fashion sense to stay stylish in her new home despite being broke. She worked as a waitress when she started blogging about her style and people lapped it up and the rest is history.


Meg Legs

Megan Mitchell or meg_legs is an American boho fashion blogger with 445K Instagram followers and 10K Pinterest followers. She has branched out into online retail, selling curated fashion pieces through her website Style’d Avenue. She blogs about her favorite fashion pieces and her travels. She has been featured in different magazines and fashion IG accounts like American Eagle, Pac Sun, Zara, Rebecca Minkoff, and New Balance among others. She also endorses and writes about different brands.



Helen Bense is the woman behind Gypsylovinlight. With over 830k IG followers, 35K Facebook followers, and 14K Pinterest followers, people the world over love her travel, style, and inspirational blogs. Her photographer-husband co-created her social media accounts and website. With her own online retail shop and IG shop, she shares her boho fashion style and inspires others to find their own inner boho girl. And together with her husband and 2 children, this Finnish-Australian family travels the world and they share their travels and boho style with the world.


Rocky Barnes

Rachel Barnes Horowitz or Rocky Barnes is an American model and boho fashion blogger with almost 39K followers on Facebook, 35K on Twitter, and 1.4 million on Instagram. The daughter of a TV stylist, her first foray in show business was in a Justin Bieber MTV. She then modeled for GQ, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. She was a brand ambassador for American Express and MAC. Now, she has her online retail store called


Tuula Vintage

Australian Jessica Stein is Tuula Vintage, an Instagrammer with 2.6 million followers on IG and 1.2 million on Facebook. She focuses on boho fashion and shares her travels through her social media accounts. With the birth of her daughter, Rumi, with partner Pat, she shared her journey as a parent to a child with a rare chromosome disorder. She is now learning to advocate rare chromosome disorders due to her experience with her child.