It goes without saying that online casinos have increased their usage numbers over the last few years. It is relatively shocking to some people, due to many people who never normally visited land-based casinos deciding that they would like to try an online casino. We have put together a collection of reasons why online casinos have seen such a stark rise in usage over the last few years. Keep reading to learn more.

Mobile internet

Mobile internet has made a huge impact on the success of online casinos. Because pretty much everyone has access to a mobile device in the modern world, it also means that anyone is able to use a mobile casino service. With mobile gaming becoming the biggest demographic within the video gaming world, it’s no shock that some mobile gamers have migrated to playing at online casinos.

This has become all the more popular as Flash has started to be phased out and more developers use HTML5 as an internet gaming development tool. The internet is often touted as having no limits, but the introduction of HTML5 has made it a genuine reality when it comes to being able to play games across multiple platforms.

Ease of use

This is another aspect that has helped online casinos to grow quickly in recent years. Signing up to an online casino is very simple. It can be done in a matter of minutes and will allow players access to all of the different games that are available.

This is in stark contrast to land-based casinos where players have to travel, there is often a dress code and the ability to play the game you want isn’t always an instant option. Because online casinos are just so simple it means that a lot of players who would never have visited a land-based casino have entered the market. This is why the revenue from online casinos is so much higher than land-based ones. Although the revenue per person might be higher for land-based venues, online casinos have a significantly higher customer base.

Sign up bonuses

This is an area where land-based casinos are just unable to compete. The main reason for this is that land-based casinos have their own benefits that are offered instead of sign-up bonuses. So, the entertainment that is available and the food and drink are all benefits that online casinos are unable to offer.

However, when signing up at an online casino, players are offered benefits in terms of bonuses. While there are terms and conditions in place, these will be more appealing to some players than what a land-based casino has to offer. If there’s a player who wants to boost their bankroll, then they will be much more likely to choose an online casino to play at than a land-based one. These bonuses have helped online casinos to rapidly expand in a relatively short space of time. With competition on the market growing, sign up bonuses often become more generous in order to entice players.