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Author Sonja Foust’s objective is simple: try out all the pins she sees on Pinterest—from the seemingly impossible (gold-leaf pedicure, homemade ricotta cheese) to the too-good-to-be-true (no-sew pillow cover, two-ingredient cookies)—and let’s just say the results aren’t always pin-worthy.

Favorite post: Foust layers mascara with baby powder to create more dramatic lashes—dramatically clumpy, that is.


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Writer and stand-up comic Raquel D’Apice is a new mom who is just trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing—and how she goes about it, via her blog and Twitter, is pretty funny.

Favorite tweet: “Thank god for the baby’s bowel movements, since without those what on earth would my husband and I have to talk about.”

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter

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Poking fun at actual fashion photographs of child models, Tiffany Beveridge dedicates this Pinterest board to made-up backstories that highlight the trendy play dates of her precociously posh “daughter” Quinoa and the tyke’s gang of equally pretentious friends: Chevron, Keurig, and Absinthe.

Favorite pin: “No amount of cheery strawberry desserts could distract Quinoa from the party’s disturbing lack of bunting, photo booth props and mason jar beverages.”

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Like an anti–Say Yes to the Dress, this site urges brides-to-be to avoid the perfectionist wedding-industry hoopla by encouraging individuality and offering low-maintenance solutions to big-day issues: say, how to accept help from friends who actually aren’t all that helpful.

Favorite post: This nice, long list of non-sappy daddy-daughter dance songs has something for everyone, including ’80s power ballads and lesser-known ’50s classics.


Where else could you find such a comprehensive (and deliciously entertaining) catalogue of lopsided, sloppy confections and unintentionally hilarious misses?

Favorite post: This collection of Easter Bunny cakes is truly terrifying. Good luck getting to sleep tonight.

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Using graphs, algebraic equations, and Venn diagrams, Jessica Hagy tries to make sense out of life’s vexing idiosyncrasies from baby names to Viagra spam mail.

Favorite post: A disturbing line graph that illustrates the reason why hotel sheets are white.

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Next time, instead of dumping that foiled project in the trash, upload a pic of it to this community-based site where crafters go to celebrate/commiserate their disasters with other DIYers.

Favorite post: Make sure to check out the balloons made out of string that definitely won’t fly.

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Tired of coming up short when comparing your life to that of the glitterati? Check out this site, which offers everyday folks a place to talk about their very ordinary days. Instead of liking a post, you can vote on whether it’s “average” or “meh.”

Favorite post: “Today, I was writing a paper for history and I only spelled one word wrong. What was the word? My last name. MLIA”