Blogging has proved to be a lucrative income-generating hobby. For some, they are able to monetize their blogs enough for them to turn blogging into their full-time job.  

If you want to start a blog, these are the most lucrative niches to look into.   

How to make money 

It is not surprising that many people blog about how to make money. Be it online or offline, internet users search for blogs on the topic. A simple Google search will yield 426 million results on the subject. These blogs teach people how to earn money through various means. Some are as simple as doing paid surveys while others may be more complex like forex trading. The most important thing to remember when entering this niche is to ensure that you have something concrete to prove that you made money yourself, and you are not just using the blog as a networking business. Most audiences can discern what is real and what is bogus.   

Personal finance 

As time goes by, more and more people are becoming more and more interested in managing personal finances. Finance gurus have advocated that financial wellness is better than simply being rich. And many have jumped on this bandwagon by blogging about it. A quick Google search on personal finance yielded 182 million results on the subject. Most bloggers under this niche teach a frugal lifestyle and how to earn and save money. One of the most popular and credible ones is Money under 30. 

Online Casino’s 

Whether you blog about high roller roulette or any other casino game, you are sure to receive huge affiliate commission via the various online casino’s. In fact, there are not many niches out there that pay better than the casino niche. 

Health and wellness 

With many new findings published on health and diseases, more and more people have become interested in health and overall physical wellness. You will find around 632 million health and wellness blogs online. There are tons of subcategories under this niche. What makes this so lucrative is the affiliate marketing you can do. You can partner with businesses in the field of health and wellness and feature them in your blogs. Check out MyFitnessPal and see why this is one of the most popular and successful blogs around. 


If you search food blogs in Google, you will get about 508 million results. Food has proven to be one of the most popular topics in the blogging industry. And though this is a niche under Lifestyle, you can go on and categorize food blogs into recipes, food and/or restaurant review, food photography, and food and travel. Some of the most popular food influencers are Jamie Oliver, Molly Yeh, and Brad Lau to name a few. Then you also have food bloggers on Instagram like Gina Homolka (@skinnytaste), Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork), and Jonathan Cheban (@foodgod) for starters. 

Beauty and fashion 

Beauty and fashion never go out of style. What was once a for-women-only industry, it has crossed boundaries to involve men and the LGBT community. Bloggers under this niche can earn from affiliate marketing. The most popular ones get sponsorships. Take the case of Nikkie Tutorials and Lisa Eldridge. They started their YouTube channels and branched out to creating blogs.